New Haven, CT (WTNH) – The Internet has changed the way many industries operate, including real estate. CT Style Host Natasha Lubczenko recently met with Kevin Rockoff, owner of Rockoff Realty, to discuss how homes are being bought and sold for less commission.

Kevin explains that his business model is quite unique, and vastly different from how most Real Estate brokers operate.

Kevin says, “If you were going back to 1950, and you wanted to sell your home, you had to physically go to a broker’s office and say, ‘Look, I want to sell my home’ because back then, there was no internet. So, the broker would say, ‘Well, do you want to do the 5% package or the 6% package’? You agreed.”

“As a broker, you needed a physical office to get the job done. But today, the internet has completely changed how homes are bought and sold.” There’s no need for an office or the cost of overhead.

Most homebuyers do their research online today, before they even drive by a house or check out a neighborhood. They can gather considerable information by looking at a property on the broker’s website, or through other platforms, such as Zillow.
But most home-sellers don’t realize that nowhere is it mandated by CT Real Estate law that home-sellers have to pay a listing fee of 2.5% or even 3% to a Listing Broker to sell their homes.

Watch this report to learn how Kevin has saved significant money for his sellers, by charging them only a 1% commission fee. This includes professional photography, signs, lockboxes, making the home fully visible in the marketplace, contract negotiations – everything that traditional brokers would offer.

In this interview, you’ll see several homes that Rockoff Realty has recently sold and hear about the process.

For the past five years, this formula has worked well for Rockoff’s clients, and for him and his business partner/wife. He now has a team of seven agents who work throughout the state, and they have sold 260 homes with this business model.

So, if you’re ready to put your home on the market, consider reaching out to Kevin Rockoff, so that
he and his team can put their formula to work for you.

Visit their website where you’ll see homes that Rockoff Realty is currently listing and see testimonials from some of his satisfied clients: