New Haven, CT (WTNH) – You may have heard that the real estate market in Connecticut is cooling off a bit compared to six months ago. So today, choosing the right listing agent is more important than ever.

CT Style’s Rachel Lutzker recently spoke with Kevin Rockoff, owner of Rockoff Realty, to discuss how you can save thousands of dollars in commission fees by listing with Rockoff Realty.  

Kevin explains how his business model is vastly different from how most Real Estate brokers operate. He says, “We offer what’s a 1% full-service listing and compare that to if you were to call pretty much any other agent and want to sell your home. They’re going to typically charge two and a half or 3%.”

Kevin tells us that pricing model has gone on since the 1950s. But times have changed.

He says, “Something called the Internet came along, which really changed how homes are bought and sold. Specifically, 98% of homebuyers find their homes online. And then the other aspect of that is buyers nor sellers really go to brokerages offices anymore. So that whole brick and mortar infrastructure you don’t need.”

1%, commission may seem somewhat low. You may ask, “Is there something that the seller is not getting? What’s different?”

But Kevin says, “No, it’s counterintuitive, because the pricing models have been out there for 70 years. But the fact is, we do the same job other folks do.”

Rockoff Realty includes professional photography as part of their 1% fee, which, Kevin adds, is critically important because most people are finding their homes online. The fee also includes contracts, signs, lock boxes, and open houses. Everything, “soup to nuts.”

Watch this interview to hear Kevin explain how his eight agents across the state can work with you, whatever your CT location.  He also tells our viewers all about the special way that Rockoff Realty is giving back to the community, through their foundation which supports a local animal rescue charity.

Visit their website where you’ll see homes that Rockoff Realty is currently listing and see testimonials from some of his satisfied clients: