New Haven (WTNH) – Now that Spring is here and the weather is warming up, many homeowners want to get out in the yard, put on their lawn and garden gloves to start planting flowers or vegetables.

CT Style Host Natasha Lubczenko recently spoke with some experts in this subject, Dr. Phil Dwyer, a turf scientist for Scotts, and Dr. Amy Enfield, a horticulturist for Miracle-Gro. They shared some tips for planting a lush and bountiful garden this year.

First, Dr. Dwyer discussed some things everyone should be doing right now to get their lawns into prime shape. He says, “If you want that beautiful lawn and you want to be the prize of the neighborhood, there are three areas I want you to think about. Grass seed, fertilizer and then weed control.”

He emphasized acting as soon as possible to get the best results, and to purchase lawn products that are tailored to what you want to accomplish with your lawn. Whether it’s thickening your whole lawn, patching, feeding or just killing the weeds, there are Scotts products that will handle it.

Next, Dr. Enfield shared her favorite rule of thumb, “Right Plant, Right Place.” She advises people to go out and walk their yards first, to determine how much sun different areas get. Then plant a garden in the sunniest area, using sun-loving plants. Pick shade-loving plants for shady areas. Never the other way around.

Dr. Enfield says that starting with a great foundation is important and that all comes down to the soil. Miracle-Gro has a full line of soil products to help make your garden a success.

She says, “It doesn’t matter if you’re prepping an in-ground bed, a raised bed, or a container. There’s a soil product that will work for all of your gardening projects. And starting with a great soil foundation means those roots are going to grow, that plants are going to take off, it’s going to be lush and it’s going to be happy…”

Watch the full interview to get more tips from the lawn and garden experts at Scotts and Miracle-Gro

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