While it’s best to get our nutrients from food, supplements can help fill in the blanks, but if you’re not taking the right ones, you could be wasting your money. 

Lisa Lynn, the founder of LynFit Nutrition, has a few tips to make sure you’re getting the biggest bang for your buck.

“Lynfit Nutrition makes supplements that make losing weight faster and easier, enhance fat loss, but also improves the quality of your health,” Lynn explained.


She says when it comes to your vitamins, opt for colloidal liquids.

“Liquid form is more absorbable by the body,” Lynn said. “In fact, it’s about 98 percent more absorbable than taking tablets.”


Also, make sure your vitamins are packaged properly

“You want to look for darker bottles,” she explained. “You want to make sure they’re protected from the light.”


Freshness is critical.

“Most of the supplements that are purchased in warehouses or drug stores have expired before they even arrive, which is legal,” Lynn said. “At LynFit, we make them in small batches. That way we’re constantly turning them over. Just like fruit, you want a fresh supplement.”


Lynn says limit micro nutrient competition.

“Taking a little of this, a little of that,” she explained. “These nutrients can compete, so it’s best to take a multivitamin mineral that has everything that is fully complete. That way you don’t have competitions within each other.”


And seek synergy.

“We want to make sure that the nutrients that we take in the supplements are synergistic, meaning they work better together,” Lynn said. “If you’re putting your own supplements together, you don’t really know if they’re working correctly or not, so it’s better to leave the supplement scientist up to the professional and we’ll figure it out for you.”


Lastly, pay attention to dosage.

“What we don’t know about dosage can hurt us because if you take too little it’s not going to help, and if you take too much, it’s not better. It’s the clinical dose you want to look for. Clinical dose is the dose that’s backed up by research and proven to help whatever it is you’re trying to help make better.”

LynFit supplements are also free of preservatives, which Lynn says is something to avoid. 

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