New Haven, CT (WTNH) – Retirement can be an amazing, new chapter of life, but like with anything new, it can come with some growing pains. Retirement Planning experts Laura and Michael Lehrhaupt, owners of Strategies for Wealth Management in Shelton, joined CT Style Host Natasha Lubczenko in the studio to discuss the challenges people face when planning for retirement and their tips for ensuring a successful outcome.

Michael spoke about the common obstacles that most people face when planning for or entering retirement, and he reminded people that he considers retirement not a “sprint, but a marathon.” And in a marathon, there are bound to be obstacles. These include taxes, income stream creation, inflation risk, longevity risk, and unexpected health care costs. But the biggest risk, he says, is Market risk. Michael noted that many people suffered and lost a lot of money in 2008 when the Market deflated, and they want to help people avoid this problem in the future.

Watch this interview and learn how Strategies for Wealth Management works with clients to navigate all of these challenges. They discuss their services, planning steps and answer these questions:

  • Setting up accounts that protect you from market decline
  • Choosing the right products that help you benefit from the upside of
    the market without letting you lose
  • Teaching you to plan for the unexpected
  • What does “Win More by Losing Less” mean?
  • How can someone get your book, “Rock Your Retirement”?

Laura and Michael Lehrhaupt produce their own TV program called “Rock Your Retirement” that can be seen on WTNH News 8 on Sunday nights at 11:30pm.

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