If you’re struggling to lose those extra pounds, the Edge Fitness Clubs wants to help. 

“I had to do something, start somewhere, because my health was deteriorating” recalled Courtney Hudson.

Two years ago, he weighed 301 pounds, thanks in part to a poor diet.

“A lot of sugar, sweets, candies,” Hudson said of his diet. “You name it, I’ll have it.”

When Hudson’s doctor told him his excess weight was causing severe sleep apnea, he knew he needed to make some serious changes.

With the support of his wife, Hudson joined The Edge Fitness Club’s Weight Loss Challenge.

“She’s the one that encouraged me from day one, and she’s supported me, and it’s all for her,” Hudson said.

Hudson joined personal trainer Yaw Owusu-Nyame’s Edge Challenge team in Stratford. Over the course of eight weeks, Hudson and his teammates worked together to try and lose the most amount of weight.

“It’s never easy when you’re doing something, when you’re doing it on your own,” Owusu-Nyame said. “When you have people to support you, people to really be there and encourage you, I think [it] is a great thing.”

Throughout the challenge, Hudson met with his team once a week for group workouts.

“The group aspect a matter of fact was wonderful,” Hudson said. “They are like family.”

He also met with yaw for one-on-one personal training sessions, 

“This is a man that if I tell him jump, he will jump, because he was fully on board with the program,” Owusu-Nyame said.

Since September, Hudson has competed in two weight loss challenges at The Edge Fitness Clubs, and his endurance has grown tremendously.

“When I started running, I could only do like five minutes on the treadmill,” he recalled.

But now he runs 10 miles a day.

“I’m running over two hours every morning from 5 to 7 in the morning,” Hudson said.

His hard work has paid off. To date he’s lost 101 pounds.

“I feel great,” Hudson said. “It’s the best feeling ever and I would encourage anyone to get up off the couch and come to the gym.”

“It means the world to me cause that’s what I live for; to see people get results is everything,” Owusu-Nyame said.

The winner of the challenge takes home a $5,000 grand prize. A new challenge kicks off next week. To learn more, visit TheEdgeFitnessClubs.com.