NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – Today Bianca of Mizzfit talks to us about meditation and relaxation apps. The busier and more complicated peoples’ lives are getting, the more they need to find a way to unwind. People are turning to relaxation and medication techniques that provide them with a good 30 minutes of peace. But it can be hard to get into the zone, especially if you’re a restless or very high energy type of person.

Guided meditations, which range from 5-20 minutes long. They’re soothing, help you wind down and visualize and then clear your head. Available in the form of Meditation Recordings & Apps. Bianca’s favorites are: Inscape, End Anxiety, and 7s Meditation.

Make sure to prepare for a proper meditation experience. Make a nice caffeine-free tea, or even better a magnesium drink.

Mizzfit is an online destination connecting women with health & wellness trends that gets them excited about leading an active lifestyle. Bianca has been reporting on health, wellness, and beauty, nutrition, and lifestyle trends for 8 years and consider herself a legit fitness fanatic.

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