New Haven, CT (WTNH) – The Big E is back and this year you can reach for the sky on the brand-new, sky high Super Wheel ride. Watch as Kayla Hevey and Patrick Berry of WWLP’s Mass Appeal give our viewers a preview.

Kayla says,“The Big E classic arguably could be its Ferris wheel, but this year there is something bigger and better. And we are here to show you what you can expect.”

Lynda Franc, Corporate Marketing Director with North American Midway Entertainment, joins Patrick and Kayla on this amazing ride, for the first time ever at the Big E in West Springfield.

She says, “This is the Super Wheel. So it’s an 150 foot tall Ferris wheel with enclosed gondolas that are temperature controlled. And in particular, we’re in the VIP gondola with the leather cushions and you’ve got the see-through floor. All kinds of stuff going on right now.”

The Super Wheel has 36 separate cabins, and can hold up to 144 people, with 4-6 people per cabin.

Lynda says the regular cabins have bench seating, so you don’t get the view through the floor, but you still have the beautiful views coming through, because there are windows all around you.

And the view is even more exciting at night, because you have the lights of the midway, and you can see the shows going on, plus people playing games, and the crowds.

The Super Wheel requires seven tickets for a ride, and tickets are $1.50 each – but the BIG E does sell packages. Lynda encourages people to either buy the wristbands or purchase the larger packages.

They’re offering several new rides this year, including the Monkey Maze, Vertigo, the Sky Scream and the Double-Decker Merry Go Round.

The Big E runs now through October 2nd. To find the full lineup, Midway hours and detailed ticket pricing, visit