NEW HARTFORD, CONN. (WTNH) — No matter the interest, scouts have something for everyone. Young men and women can explore everything from welding to water activities, to even getting up close and personal with nature. Scouts are guaranteed to learn new things in the years to come. 

“We offer a variety of things for you, chess, welding, plumbing, sports. No matter what it is you want to do, you will find something that you will enjoy doing here,” says Life Scout, Christopher Rickard. 

Aside from learning real-world skills, scouts teach kids and teens how to break out of their shells and gain friendships that will last a lifetime. 

“When I got into scouts, I was a very, very shy person. I was very awkward. I didn’t know how to interact as much, more so than now, and I have really grown up because of it. I’ve learned to open up to more adults, open up to other people, and just be a more social person,” says Rickard. 

Watch as CT Style’s Griffin Pierson takes us there to learn more.