We often let our health routines fall by the wayside this time of year. So I went to The Edge Fitness Clubs in Stratford, Conn. to get some tips for making our health a priority.

“Some people change their playlists and new songs to keep them motivated,” said Ryan Weiss, a trainer. 

But nowadays, he says motivation is also about having the best fashion. So he recommends adding workout gear to your wishlist to give your routine a jumpstart.

“So if you’re someone who doesn’t necessarily love the gym as much, sometimes a new outfit can motivate you to get you in the gym to show it off,” Weiss explained.

Another way to keep your holidays healthy is by having nutritious snacks on hand.

“We do want to indulge a little bit and have some fun and celebrate, but at the same time we don’t want to overindulge,” Weiss said. “You don’t want to start off 20 pounds heavier in January.”

Weiss recommends having snacks like almonds, sliced peppers or other vegetables. Also, always stay hydrated, which can help you feel full and less likely to indulge.

“It’s going to burn fat more, and [there are] no calories in the water,” Weiss explained. “It’s going to keep you feeling whole and healthy.”

Other than water, watch what you drink this holiday season.

“Sometimes we think, just because we’re not eating, we’re doing a good job of being healthy and not consuming that many calories when in actuality the drinks do add up,” Weiss said.

Also, plan your workouts.

“We don’t necessarily think we have time for ourselves,” Weiss said. “We might only have 20 minutes to get to the gym. That 20 minutes is better than nothing, and there’s stuff that we can do to keep it at kind of a high intensity and burn the most amount of calories in that 20 minutes.”

Weiss recommends squats, pushups and planks.

“Do that in a little circuit and do that as many times as you can,” Weiss explained.

And be ready to jump back into things full swing in January.

“We do have an Edge Challenge that we offer here, which is a weight loss competition,” Weiss said. “It’s an eight-week program. It gives you the chance to win $10,000, makes you that much richer, and most people we found lose between 10 and 20 pounds when they do join this challenge.”

The next Edge Challenge starts the week of January 21. To learn more, visit TheEdgeFitnessClubs.com.