The Edge Fitness Clubs is all about getting real results, and it’s not just about going to the gym and getting a work out in. They do this through their “Total Fitness Solution.”

“We really want to be the one-stop-shop of fitness,” said Brian Woodford, the regional fitness manager at Edge Fitness. “Whatever your goal is, you can accomplish here.”

Woodford says there are four parts that make up the Total Fitness Solution. Number one is one-on-one personal training.


“Eighty percent of the people that walk through that front door and they have an actual how-to plan to how to achieve those result, get those results,” Woodford said.

Edge trainers help design a plan tailored to you.

“And our job is to help you find the path of least resistance to that goal,” Woodford explained.


The second part of the Total Fitness Solution is Edge Strong classes. 

“Which is basically our group personal training which is taught by our trainers,” Woodford said.


The third is nutritional guidance.

“We handle all peoples’ nutrition,” Woodford explained. “They come in, you want a meal plan, a supplement plan, a lot of people struggle with food.”


And the last piece of the puzzle is the Edge Challenge, an eight-week team, based weight loss competition.

“There are other people just like you fighting the same fight you’re fighting,” Woodford said. “We can get there together and get to that goal at the end of the tunnel.”


Edge Fitness is more than just a gym. The Fairfield location is currently being renovated, adding features like a Women’s Only area.

“So we built that area so they can have that privacy and also still have all the many amenities that are available to them in the gym on the main floor,” Woodford explained.

And the newly remodeled kids club will get your little ones moving as well.

“We want to help the family stay fit together,” Woodford said. “You’ll see a schedule on the front door and so you can look in there and say okay my kid is doing this at this time, so whatever, active play or whatever it is. They really do an awesome job in there.”

The Edge Fitness Clubs is growing. They just opened their 21st location in their fourth state. To learn more about Edge Fitness, visit