New Haven, Conn. (WTNH) – Welcome to The Law Down where Personal Injury Attorney Brooke Goff, founder of Goff Law Group, shares her insight on important legal issues. Today’s topic is all about pedestrian accidents, which can be a scary and dangerous situation for all involved.

In this interview, Attorney Goff talks about what someone should do if they get into an accident involving a pedestrian. She says, “So first, obviously, get out of the road, if you can. So many people are so worried about preserving an accident scene – but, let the investigators, the police officers, do that. Try to get off the road, because, again, we always say – if the first hit does not seriously harm you, the second one likely will.”

Other important points Attorney Goff shares with our viewers include the following:

  • Always take pictures of the accident when you’re safely
    away from the scene.
  • Make sure to get photos of any cars that caused the accident – before
    they have a chance to leave.
  • Do not take selfies at the accident scene.
  • To be safer, pedestrians should dress appropriately in bright clothing
    with reflective gear on if it’s dark.
  • Drive more slowly at night in populated areas.
  • As a driver, always have your guard up and be aware of the
    time of day. Is school getting out? Be cautious.
  • Not all school districts have crossing guards and kids don’t
    always think before walking into the street.
  • Remember, pedestrians don’t always cross in the crosswalks.

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