New Haven, Conn.(WTNH) – In today’s world, computers and smartphones are part of our daily lives, which means Internet connection is crucial. But, do you know if yours is running as quickly as it could be? 

CT Style Host Natasha Lubczenko recently spoke with Tech Expert Ashley Rene, about how to get the most out of your home Internet connection.

Ashley starts by telling us to measure just how fast our internet speed is at home. She says that is the most recognized third-party speed test. It’s so easy. Download the
Ookla Speedtest app for your desktops and mobile devices or you can run from a web browser at

Watch this interview, as Ashley shares some simple tips and tricks that can help maximize the speed and performance of your home network which, in turn, can save you and your family time and money.

She answers the following questions:

  1. What’s a good way to see how fast your Internet speed is at home?
  2. What are your top tips to get the fastest connection?
  3. Why does speed matter? And who needs the most bandwidth?
  4. Where can people go for more information?

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