New Haven, CT (WTNH) – September is International Peace Month, and CT Style Host Natasha Lubczenko was joined in the studio by Iran Nazario, President and CEO of the Peace Center of Connecticut, a local nonprofit bringing peace to our communities here in Connecticut.

Iran discussed what his organization does, its mission and he spoke about the upcoming Peace Heroes Awards, and a local person who is a National Peace Hero. 

The Peace Center looks for organizations, groups, and individuals around the state of Connecticut that they can work with collaboratively, in order to make communities more peaceful.

Watch this interview to learn more, as these questions are discussed:

  • Why is peace so important for healthy communities?
  • What does peace actually look like?
  • How does the Peace Center engage people to build relationships?
  • Do you offer training and education for the community?
  • What is the annual Peace Heroes Awards?
  • Who is Wendy Black Nasta, and why has she been nominated as a National Peace Hero?
  • If someone wants to become a peace hero in their own community, what steps can they take?

To learn more about the Peace Center’s Gala, their awards and the Peace Center in general,
reach out to them at or visit their website at