NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH)– The pandemic was an isolating experience for many, but especially for the elderly. The Towers at Tower Lane, a senior living community in New Haven, found strength in it’s communal setting and is now empowering seniors to live their best lives.

“We had administrative, skilled people here to be able to figure out what’s going on, figure out what our procedures should be, and make sure that what we’re doing is helping people stay safe,” said President and CEO Gus Keach-Longo.

Now the senior living community is getting back to a “new normal” since Keach-Longo implemented a vaccine mandate.

“We’re starting our dining program in the next couple of weeks where people can start to meet and start to spend and share a meal with each other,” he explained.

And soon, the numerous programs and activities that make life vibrant for residents will return as well.  

 Transition Support Specialist Michelle O’Brien told CT Style: “We do offer a lot of activities and there’s something for everyone. Whether it’s a book club or music, different things resonate with different people and we just want to make sure that everyone is getting to know each other and enjoying our activities that we offer.”

The goal is for seniors to enjoy this new chapter and live their best life.

“My life has improved here at The Towers,” said Norman Feitelson, a 96-year-old resident. “You always have friends, you always have people around you and everything is done for you here. What better life can you have?”

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