Today’s Dish: Reason 4 Freezin’ Challenge

Today's Dish

You might’ve started seeing this on your timeline. You remember the Ice Bucket Challenge from a few years ago. 

This summer people are partaking in the Reason 4 Freezin Challenge for metestatic breast cancer. It’s where you eat a bowl of ice cream with your hands behind your back.

CT Style Host’s Ryan Kristafer takes part in the challenge.

A huge bear was seen taking a nap in the Litchfield County. Steve Brenner sent this photo in to our Report-It! inbox and says he and his friends were outside of his friend’s home in Torrington.

Zombie snakes are found in North Carolina. They lie motionless with its tongue hanging out when threatened.

But sometimes the snake will hiss and inflate its neck like a cobra to try to scare away predators. They don’t have any venom.

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