New Haven, CT (WTNH) – The school year is coming to a close, but that doesn’t mean the learning has to stop. Educational nonprofit is offering a free program to help prep your little one for the school year ahead.

CT Style Express Host Natasha Lubczenko spoke with National spokesperson, Kim Fischer about this unique program for pre-school children and their families.

Kim said, “It’s an adaptive program that children can use at home with families. They use it for 20 minutes a day, five days a week, and then families get encouraged to be a part of the process. They get a coach. They get notifications to figure out how their child is doing, where they need help offline, and ways they can engage with their child through what they’re learning on the program, as well as those really important life skills that they need before walking into a classroom, like how to handle anger and jealousy, things like that.”

The Summer Learning Path was created just a couple of years at the start of COVID when founders realized there were going to be children who were going to be entering kindergarten and pre-K with a lack of basic literacy skills. They wanted to offer this program to families to utilize over the summer to make sure the children are getting those foundational literacy skills that they need to be able to walk into school ready, in the fall.

Watch this interview to learn more about how this free program works, what is included, and what families receive when they enroll.  

The deadline for enrollment in Waterford Upstart Summer Learning Path is June 10. Visit their website for more information and to enroll: or call: 888-982-9898.