NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH)– Welcome to ‘What Matters’ with Albertus Magnus College. In this series, experts weigh in on topics affecting our daily lives. Today’s topic: Summer Learning.

“Horizons is a summer learning program and enrichment program. We work with students in New Haven and Hamden,” explains Stephanie Kadam, site director of Horizons at Albertus Magnus College. “The kids come on-site five days a week. We’re outside doing STEM activities, outside doing free play, and we’re also in the classrooms working on academics and other enrichment activities.”

Being a scholarship program, Horizons gives qualifying inner-city children grade K-2 a cost-free opportunity to learn.

“It’s really important to have a program like Horizons here at Albertus because coming out of the pandemic, especially now more than ever, we want to be empowering students to be thinking about their futures and envisioning those futures,” says Lauren Carpenter, Director of Education Programs at Albertus. “These are the experiences that children remember.”

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