New Haven, Conn. (WTNH) – February is American Heart Month, a great time for us all to focus on our cardiovascular health.

CT Style Host Natasha Lubczenko recently spoke with Dr. Stuart Zarich – Chief of Cardiovascular Disease at Bridgeport Hospital, about ways to improve our heart health and steps we can take to reduce our risk of getting heart disease or having a stroke.

In this segment, Dr. Zarich discusses some preventative steps to take and why they are so important:

  • 75 to 90% of all heart disease  can be modified by healthy habits. It’s all about diet, weight, exercise, avoiding smoking and excess alcohol.
  • The Mediterranean Diet, and vegan or vegetarian diets have been the most associated with reduction in heart-related events.
  • Keeping simple carbohydrates to a minimum is beneficial as well (bread, rice, potatoes, pasta).
  • Exercising 5 days a week for at least a ½ hr. can make an impact – but any amount of physical activity is helpful.
  • Including both cardio and strength training in your weekly routine is important.
  • Calm your mind and heart to reduce stress by using meditation, yoga, Pilates or simple breathing exercises.
  • There are also advancements in medications and procedures to help those that are
    already struggling

To learn more about Bridgeport Hospital and its continuum of care, visit their website at: www.bridgeport