NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) Making learning fun and engaging, ACES Helen Doron Academy is a national flagship preschool here in Connecticut, that is revolutionizing early education with a new bilingual immersion program. Connecticut’s Morning Buzz Reporter Jillian Andrews was joined in the studio by Helen Doron Academy’s Robin Extance, Assistant to the Director, and Head Teacher Kristen Gilbert, who came to speak about this unique learning opportunity.

Robin tells our viewers about how ACES Helen Doron Academy began. She says, “Back in July, Jason Hiro, Head of ACES International, told us ..about how, when he was in China on a conference, he met Helen Doron herself.” “A little bit about her: She is an educationalist. She has created a curriculum for English Immersion. So all over, Europe she has schools where she teaches children English. And as they got talking, he talked a little bit about ACES International, and they decided to collaborate, to make a Helen Doron school in the United States where they’re going to teach Spanish.  So, we are the first in the United States, the first Helen Doron School, for Spanish.”

The program is for kids ages 3-5, which is an ideal time for children to be learning a second language. The school believes that this is a great foundation for building important skills later on in life.

Their focus on making learning fun, using small groups, background hearing, and positive reinforcement have been tested over time. Every class is designed with various activities to cater to every learning style. Their unique learning materials feature original stories, songs, and animations to make learning joyful and inspiring.

Helen Doron Academy has some exciting events coming up, which Kristen tells our viewers about. First, there’s the 4th Annual Bike-a-Thon fundraiser on Friday, October 6, 2023. Children bring their bikes, trikes, scooters, or strollers and ride around our track to raise money for better playground equipment/playset. Part of the fun is that children will decorate and wash their bikes before the big “race.” Children get participation medals. The classroom that raises the most money wins an ice cream party. Children and families look forward to this event as they cheer their little ones on, while helping to raise funds for a new playset for one of their 4 playgrounds.

They’re also looking forward to their Fall Festival in November, which invites families to get involved by participating in fun activities like scavenger hunts, crafts projects, and a puppet show. Another great opportunity to get kids excited about learning in an active, family-oriented setting. For more information, and to learn more about ACES Helen Doron Academy visit their website: