NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH)What Matters is a monthly series where experts from Albertus Magnus College weigh in on topics affecting our daily lives.

Connecticut’s Morning Buzz Host Natasha Lubczenko was joined by Andrea Kovacs, Vice President Marketing & Community Relations and Michael Kobylanski, Director of Athletics for Albertus Magnus, to discuss the recent addition of a Women’s Ice Hockey Team, making it the college’s 17th NCAA Division III team.

Andrea says, “The timing is fabulous. We when we started our men’s ice hockey team, we intended to launch our women’s at the same time, and COVID kind of put a little cramp in our style. And you know, for Albertus, we have valued equity in sports since day one.” “In 1925, when the college was started, there were no women’s sports. Our women played tennis. We wanted that to be part of their experience. And now, there’s excitement around women’s professional sports. If you look at soccer, or WNBA or the upcoming Olympics. It’s time!” “So, we are just happy we’re able to stay with the plan, offer this athletic experience to women so that they value, or come away with the values of teamwork and leadership and the love of the game.”

Michael tells us that the popularity of hockey has picked up significant traction on the high school and collegiate levels within Connecticut and the region, over the past several decades. He says that, “Once we formally made the announcement for the launch of this team, shortly followed by the hiring of Coach Stephen Novodor, we quickly picked up the pace and are ready to “rock’n’roll” for October 20th.”

Regarding the team’s roster, he adds, “We have about a third of our student athletes from Connecticut. We have student athletes coming from as far away as Wyoming, Colorado, and Canada. So, Coach Novodor really tapped into his network extremely well, to, you know, recruit a tremendous group of student athletes, and our expectation is that they’ll come in and follow the same model that our men’s program has had, on the ice, off the ice and within the community.”

Andrea says the community can certainly get involved and support the Albertus Women’s Hockey Team by coming to opening day on October 20th at the Ralph Walker Rink in New Haven.  It’s free that day. She adds, “And, if you have a child in the community, engage in the Learn to Skate program. We’re really excited to be able to participate in that, as well, with the City of New Haven.“

You can learn more about the Albertus Magnus Women’t Hockey Team at

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