NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – Medicare’s Annual Enrollment Period is going on now, and today we’re talking about how you can choose a plan that best fits you. To discuss this important topic, Connecticut’s Morning Buzz Host Natasha Lubczenko was joined in the studio by Marla Pantano, President of CarePartners of Connecticut, and Jesse Mejia, VP of Sales for CarePartners of Connecticut.

Jesse explains what “Annual Enrollment” means.  “Every year from October 15th to December 7th, seniors get a chance to look at their annual enrollment and assess if their current insurance for Medicare Advantage is what they need, and they can reassess, and work with us, first, to make that analysis.

An important question many seniors are asking, is “Can I save money with any of these plans?”
Marla tells our viewers, “What a lot of folks know about Medicare, is that they sign up for it after they turn 65 and retire. But Medicare only covers about 80% of your cost, and doesn’t include things like prescription drugs or dental, which you can get in a Medicare Advantage plan, such as what CarePartners offers.”

Even if you are already enrolled in a Medicare Advantage Plan, it’s important to shop during the Annual Enrollment Period, because you may be able to find a plan that offers you more coverage, at a lower cost.

Viewers should note that not every plan has dental coverage included. Jesse says, “It’s important, because not all plans are the same. There are a lot of similarities, but there are plans that have strong dental benefits and others that do not.”

Marla mentions some things to look out for, when choosing  plan, “I think it’s important, one, to know what kind of plan it is. Does it require a network of dentists, and therefore you need to know that your dentist participates. Or, is it one like we have our in our PPO plan, which allows you to see any dentist you want, and gives you first dollar coverage.”  “So, really it’s important to look at all of those options and talk to, either, … our own associates that can assist them with plans, or they can talk to a broker.”

There is something called a Flex Advantage Spending Card, that Jesse wants our viewers to be aware of. He tells us about it, saying, “With CarePartners of Connecticut, our PPO plan offers a $1,200 Visa Dental Card so it does not require a network. It does not require any referral. Any individual who is part of this plan can go to the dentist of their choice, and the first $1,200 dollars is covered.”

Shopping for a Medicare Advantage plan during this enrollment period can be an overwhelming process, and there are a lot of options out there. That’s why Marla emphasizes that it’s important to work with a professional. She says, “You want to make sure that you look at your own prescription drugs that you’re taking, and review the doctors and dentists that you see.” “Know what your needs are and really pick the plan that best suits you.”

If you want to learn more about CarePartners of Connecticut, and the plans they offer, go to their website at: and you can attend one of their live or virtual Medicare Meetings.

They are also available to answer your questions over the phone Monday through Friday, 8am – 8 pm. You can speak with a Licensed Medicare Agent and get the coverage you need.
Call 1-844-388-6589.
Other resources for information include licensed insurance brokers/agents and Medicare.Gov.