NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) It’s known as a Community of Caring. Cornell Scott-Hill Health Center (CSHHC) is ‘Celebrating 55 years of Health Equity in Action.’ Connecticut’s Morning Buzz Host Natasha Lubczenko was joined in the studio by CEO Michael Taylor and Lindy Lee Gold, the Health Center’s Foundation Board Chair.

Michael Taylor says that the Cornell Scott-Hill Health Center is, “Enabled by an awful lot of people who make our organization extraordinary. And we are thrilled to expand and continue to serve a larger proportion of our residents throughout the New Haven region.”

They have now grown to 700 staff members, operating out of soon to be 28 care sites across greater New Haven, including West Haven, New Haven, soon to be Hamden and a number of sites serving the Lower Naugatuck Valley. The range of services provided by the Cornell Scott- Hill Health Center are fairly broad. They include medical services, adult pediatric, women’s health, and dental health.

Michael says, “We are a very significant provider of behavioral health services. In fact, probably one of the most significant providers of those services in the state of Connecticut. So that enables us to provide integrated care, we offer behavioral health and medical services to residents at a time when they are needed more than ever. So we’re thrilled to now be able to offer that capacity.”

Lindy Lee Gold shared some of The CSHHC Foundation’s Goals for the future, and spoke about their 55th Anniversary Celebration event coming up at the New Haven Lawn Club on September 21st. Attendees will gather to applaud this nationally recognized integrated healthcare model, now reaching more than 55,000 patients annually in the Greater New Haven and the Valley communities.

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She also spoke about their new facility, “Our Wellness and Recovery Center is the only in-patient female women’s recovery center in the state. This year, the foundation is really very focused on mental health, and for that reason, we’re starting a new campaign for the Child and Family Guidance Center. Incredibly, they have seen this year, I believe the figure is 55,000 patient visits and the patients are treated holistically.” “More than likely, they have other physical needs that need to be met. And I think the Cornell Scott-Hill Health Center is the only one that offers the incredible range – from dental services, to eye screenings to everything that a family may need, in order to stay well or get well.”

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