NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Fair Haven Community Health Care has office locations in and around New Haven, as well as school clinics. The organization is committed to increasing access to health services.

“We believe that healthcare is a right. It’s not a privilege for a certain group of people,” Dr. Lacey Whitmire, a primary care physician and the medical director of population health for FHCHC said.

The organization provides a variety of medical services, such as health screenings that can aid in disease prevention. Non-medical related services are also provided, like transportation and interpretation services.

Patients can receive care regardless of insurance status, but FHCHC can help patients understand coverage through programs like Medicaid Unwinding. The organization will also treat patients regardless of immigration status.

“Sometimes we find members of the undocumented community may fear coming into the clinic. All of us are very sensitive to the issue. We will provide services no matter what their immigration status is,” Vivian Acevedo-Rivas, associate director of Care Coordination and Patient Services said.

Construction is underway just down the street from the facility on Grand Avenue, as the health provider is expanding to serve more patients.

“I get tears during my medical appointments more than most doctors probably do because we make such an impact when we get to help people get what they need,” Dr. Whitmire said.

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