NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – It’s National Pizza month and what better way to celebrate, than with Frank Pepe’s! The crew from Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana joined Connecticut’s Morning Buzz Host Natasha Lubczenko in the Studio Kitchen for a cooking demonstration, and today they’re going to make a Patata Rustica pie.

The pizza experts today include Jennifer Kelly, Owner and Granddaughter of Frank Pepe, along with Chris D’Auria, Director of Quality, and Austin Alvarez, Director of Training.

Jennifer tells our viewers that this menu favorite is inspired by the fall season, and it’s also something new that their customers really like. Pepe’s has a team that gets together every quarter to brainstorm menu ideas. When they’ve settled on a concept, they test it themselves, and then put it out to the customers. She says the Patata Rustica is a hit, as it’s 3% of their sales right now. They truly believe in listening to their customers’ preferences.

This particular pizza is mouth-watering, and it’s  made with the following ingredients: Yukon gold potatoes from Connecticut: sliced, seasoned and roasted in a coal fire oven, and then put onto the pizza with mozzarella, ricotta, bacon, garlic, and Asiago, Pecorino Romano cheese. This one won’t last long in the studio!

Frank Pepe started his pizza business back in 1925 in New Haven, and coming up in 2025, they will be celebrating a 100-year milestone.  Jennifer says, “It’s unfortunate that our parents, my mom and my auntie are not here, and my brother is not here, but the grandchildren are here and we’re so excited about 100 years. I mean, come on. It’s huge!”

Today, they have 7 locations in Connecticut, and 16 total – with some in Florida. It all started at 157 Wooster St. in New Haven. You can learn about the Pepe’s Rewards program, their catering options, buy their Pepe’s merch, and gift cards, plus, see their wide variety of pizzas online at