NEW HAVEN, Conn. – As a small business owner, you have to ‘wear many hats’, and sometimes you just need someone you trust, to take something off your plate. Connecticut’s Morning Buzz Host Natasha Lubczenko was joined in the studio by Teresa Crampton, Guilford Savings Bank Vice President, Director of Business Banking, who came in to speak about what they do to help businesses all over the state.

Teresa knows that small business owners do it all. She says, “They’re in charge of sales, marketing, human resources, IT, and of course, their finances. So, we really help them by being their trusted partner and knowing that we have their backs.” “We really have a wonderful relationship with our businesses on a first name basis. They have our work cell phones, and they know that we’re there for them.”

Teresa mentions three important attributes that make Guilford Savings Bank (GSB) a valuable resource to area businesses. First, is just how customer-centric they are. Second, is their technology and innovation,  and third, is just how much value and efficiency they can bring to business owners.

Watch the full interview above as Teresa goes into detail about the benefits of the business banking relationship Guilford Savings Bank can offer, along with the lending options available to their clients.

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