NEW BRITAIN, Conn (WTNH) — The Hospital for Special Care in New Britain provides a multidisciplinary approach to care, so patients have a team of doctors and staff working to bring them the best treatment possible.

Sheldon Corrow was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease 12 years ago. He credits his ability to deal with the challenges of the disease to the team at Hospital for Special Care.

“With Parkinson’s, as difficult as it is, we learn to live with it, we learn to embellish things that you still can do,” Corrow said. “Working with people that are concerned about our situation keeps you alive and well.”

Neurologist Dr. Adiran Chan is the co-director for the hospital’s Center for Cognitive Health. Dr. Chan says combining different forms of treatment under under one roof benefits the patients.

“There’s no communication problems between different departments so I know exactly what therapy he or she is getting. They can talk to me if there are problems or something that needs to be addressed,” Dr. Chan said.

Common symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease are issues involving speech. The hospital offers both individual and group treatment options for patients to improve their communication.

“It’s really important to get started as soon as you can to learn the exercises to strengthen the muscles for speech,” Krista Orszulak, Speech Language Pathologist at the hospital said. “They share their struggles but they also life each other up and they really encourage and motivate each other which is really such a cool thing to be part of.”

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