NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – Today we’re discussing how nutrients can play a role in reducing cortisol levels and dropping belly fat. Connecticut’s Morning Buzz Reporter Jillian Andrews recently spoke with Fitness and Metabolic Weight Loss Expert Lisa Lynn, who shared her expertise on what role the hormone, cortisol, plays in the body, and how it can impact weight.

Watch the whole interview above,  and you’ll learn about why energy drinks and stress can cause you to gain weight, despite your efforts to diet and work out. Lisa recommends to help boost metabolism and use natural methods of increasing your energy. Lisa answers the following questions:

  • What symptoms tell us that our cortisol levels are too high?
  • If amino acids help with sustainable energy, how can someone work
    these into their daily routines?
  • What is metabolic collagen?
  • What makes us crave carbs all the time?
  • What can I take to help block or rebalance my cortisol?
  • Will any of these supplements affect my blood pressure?

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