NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTHN) – Retirement is certainly a big and exciting life event, but as many of us know, it requires careful financial preparing and planning. Connecticut’s Morning Buzz Host Natasha Lubczenko recentlymet with Michael and Laura Lehrhaupt from Strategies for Wealth Management. They came in to discuss something called a “Rock Solid Retirement Plan,” and the 3 main principles of what this plan is all about.

First, Michael and Laura want to tell our viewers about a great planning tool that you can download for free. It’s called the Social Security and Medicare Guidebook. The timing is perfect because now is open enrollment time for Medicare.  All you have to do is to scan the QR code you see on the screen, and it will bring you to the complimentary Guidebook, which you can download.

Watch the whole interview above, and you’ll learn the basics about the 3 main principles of a Rock Solid Retirement Plan, as Michael and Laura discuss the following concepts they can help you with:

  • The first principle is SAFETY from market risk. Especially important if
    you’re 55 and older. Is your portfolio protected from possible market decline?
  • The second principle is GROWTH. They want your hard-earned money to
    keep growing, but not at the expense of losing money. Their indexing strategy
    allows clients to participate in the upside of the market without the downside risk.
  • The third principle is INCOME. This is very important because having a guaranteed
    stream of lifetime income means you’re going to be happier in retirement. But Social
    Security is just one part of that income stream. They want to maximize and leverage that
    money so you can make it last for the rest of your life. A written income plan is something they can create for you.

Michael and Laura encourage you to scan their QR code and get the complimentary Social Security and Medicare Guidebook, and consider making an appointment to come in and meet with them. Check out their website at