New Haven, CT (WTNH) – The Connection is a local nonprofit whose mission is to build safe, healthy communities. One way they do this is through their housing programs and there’s an opportunity for you to get involved.

CT Style Host Natasha Lubczenko spoke with Shelia Kristofak, The Connection’s Director of Housing, about how their Supportive Housing for Families Program works.

The Connection works with the Connecticut State Department of Children and Families. It assists parents with reuniting with children who have been placed in foster care or prevents the placement of children in foster care by providing access to a stable home and intensive case management.

For the past 24 years, the program has helped thousands of families stay together with its community-based approach.

Shelia says that The Connection is actively looking for people to help their communities by becoming landlords.  

The Supportive Housing for Families Program serves the whole state of Connecticut and has a nice pool of landlords that they have worked with over the years, however, they would like to add to that as much as possible.

The Program provides a temporary housing subsidy, and they pay security deposits for their families, which is beneficial for the landlords. They also provide intensive case management services for the families in the home every week.

Shelia says, “It’s worked well for both the clientele and for landlords out in the community, because our case managers are in the apartments every week to work with families, and to get them connected with the with the services that they need. It’s another set of eyes in the apartments in case there’s a problem. Landlords like that.”

“It’s a really collaborative effort between our program and the and the landlords and the families we work with. And it has really worked well for a lot of landlords in the community and for our families.”

Anyone interested in becoming a landlord for The Connection’s Supportive Housing for Families Program can contact Shelia Kristofak at

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