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Tales of Ghosts at the Historic Leffingwell House in Norwich, Connecticut


Built in 1675 in Norwich, Leffingwell House has a rich history in Connecticut. But there’s also been some spooky activity there, which is why The Atlantic Paranormal Society, or TAPS, was sent to investigate.

“Leffingwell was lieutenant Thomas Leffingwell and he acquired the home and turned it into a tavern,” explained tour guide Arthur Mueller.

During the Revolutionary War, George Washington was known to visit the tavern to conduct important business.

“He ordered supplies here from the Leffingwell family who basically provided commissary services for the army,” Mueller explained.

But amongst this rich history, also lies some mysterious activity.

“Several of the guides here other than myself have had doors close on them,” Mueller said. “Others have not been pushed but perhaps stumbled when they felt that they should have had sure footing.”

That’s where TAPS comes in.

“TAPS is a very science-based organization,” explained lead investigator Traci Boiselle.

The team uses devices to detect electromagnetic fields, read temperature, and record audio and video.

“So we’re trying to document quantitative data that we can provide to clients and say here’s what we can prove,” Boiselle said. 
TAPS’ investigations of Leffingwell House revealed some spooky findings.

“We heard a lot of unexplained knocking in the house that seemed to be in response to our questioning and at our request at times,” Boiselle explained. “Footsteps were heard across the main floor and we heard those as well in the basement coming from above us. The door handle right here on the front door rattled on its own and moved.”

An investigator’s headphones mysteriously swayed as they rested on his laptop, and a group of people saw a dark figure dart in front of a tavern room window.

“It actually made me step back because it was one of those things that it was so shocking that your brain is trying to figure out what’s going on,” Boiselle said.

After the investigation, audio was combed through for electronic voice phenomenon, EVP, believed to be spirits from beyond communicating. 

In one clip, you can hear investigators as they wrap up their research, and a voice respond, ‘Good.’” In another from the tavern room, a male voice can be heard grunting.

“So from our two investigations here at the Leffingwell House, definitely would say there’s some sort of paranormal activity,” Boiselle said. “I’m not sure who or why. Definitely audio evidence indicates the presence of at least one male or one female spirit in the home.”

To hear about my spooky experience while filming at Leffingwell House and find out why photographic evidence is rare for the TAPS team, watch the clip above. To learn more about TAPS, visit their website.

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