(WTNH) — Victims of domestic violence in Connecticut have a new way of getting help and resources with ‘CT Safe Connect’.

The Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence streamlined all the calls in the state to one center. Traditionally there were 18 separate hotlines.

Karen Jarmoc, the Chief Executive Officer with CT Coalition Against Domestic Violence told News 8 that said, on average, 33,000 calls come in to the DV hotlines (both English and Spanish) annually across the state.

At CT Safe Connect advocates are creating safety plans for victims. Vanessa Guzzardi, an advocate coordinator said, “As we gather their information we try to be very gentle about it, very respectful and we start listening to what they need.”

The DV hotline also has a text feature that allows victims to text in for help if they are in a situation where it is unsafe to call.

Shaquille Jessop an advocate coordinator added, “With the text feature it’s very safe, if someone is in the room with you and you have your phone and you don’t want to make that phone call you can say you are texting your friends.”

Jarmoc added, “Options are really really critical when you are a victim or a survivor or someone who is trying to survive domestic violence in your relationship.”

Advocates say the support line is not only there to provide immediate emergency help, but a platform to talk.

Jessop explained, “Even if it’s not something that’s a crisis, even if you just want to talk to someone, we are always here.”