(WTNH) – A key to putting an end to domestic violence is shining a light o the awful reality of it and spreading awareness. Recently, a vigil was held in Bridgeport to give victims a voice to make a change.

It’s a vigil with a powerful mission in Bridgeport. The Center for Family Justice hosted a gathering at the Hartford HealthCare Amphitheater with a dual mission.

“I want the people who have passed to have another opportunity to speak,” said Ann McGee, domestic violence advocate.

Ann McGee is a domestic violence advocate who runs the Unfinished Life Project. Shadow boxes tell the stories of people whose lives were cut short by domestic violence.

This year in Connecticut, there are 32, some of them children.

“The names that you read at vigils are very moving,” McGee said. But they were actually people and I want to let the world, Connecticut see what they used to do. To know that domestic violence can happen to anyone.”

There’s also an altar with victims’ photos.

“There are so many voices that are muffled, and that we want to bring them back and raise awareness about them,” said Laura Silva.” And I think seeing their faces definitely makes a bigger impact.

The gathering is also a celebration of hope. The hope that the word is spreading and the young people of today will be the next big step in ending domestic violence.

There are 18 domestic violence support groups that are scattered all over Connecticut. If you or someone you know needs help or just someone to talk to, you can call the state’s CT Safe Connect hotline at 888-774-2900. The call will be confidential.

You can also text or chat that number.

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