FARMINGTON, Conn. (WTNH) — Fotis Dulos’ attorney, Norm Pattis, filed a motion Thursday to preserve “any and all evidence that the police discovered while executing a search warrant” of his Farmington home Wednesday.

Detectives with Connecticut State Police executed a search warrant at Dulos’ home after his apparent suicide attempt Tuesday.

Pattis wrote in the motion, “upon information and belief, law enforcement officials recovered a note in which Mr.Dulos declared his innocence of the infamous and heinous crimes that the state has accused him of and claimed his lawyers have the evidence to prove it.”

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The note is presently in custody of the Farmington Police Department or state police.

Sources told News 8 on Thursday that no useful information was found in the home that would lead to the discovery of Dulos’ missing, estranged wife, Jennifer Dulos.

Dulos was announced dead Thursday evening by his attorney, Norm Pattis, outside the Jacobi Medical Center.

At around 4 p.m. on Wednesday, roughly half a dozen patrol cars were seen pulling up to the home.

“As a part of their continued investigation, the Connecticut State Police Western District Major Crimes detectives have obtained and are executing a search warrant at the home of Fotis Dulos,” said Commissioners Assistant, Department of Emergency Services in Public Protection.

State police said that the search warrant detectives executed is sealed, and police said under the current gag order they can not comment further. There is a separate investigation into Dulos’ suicide attempt being done by Farmington police.

Detectives have been combing through his belongings looking for evidence in Jennifer’s disappearance and if/why he may have tried to take his own life.

They were focusing on the garage, where police found Dulos on Tuesday, and the house.

The search was to answer a major question on everyone’s mind: Did he leave a suicide note? According to sources, nothing useful was found.

Dulos was airlifted to Jacobi Medical Center on Tuesday afternoon, where he undergoing treatment in a hyperbaric chamber for carbon monoxide poisoning.

The chamber contains pressurized oxygen that is supposed to help bring it to parts of his body that were deprived of oxygen during the suicide attempt.

When carbon monoxide gets in the body, it basically replaces oxygen in the blood and tissues, starving it of oxygen. The heart and brain are particularly vulnerable. The hyperbaric chamber is designed to saturate the body with oxygen, possibly reversing the damage. But the question is, how much damage did Dulos suffer?

WATCH: CT State Police arrive at Dulos’ home to execute search warrant

It’s tough to tell because we are still not sure how long he was in that running car in his garage.

On Wednesday, Dulos’ attorney, Norm Pattis, said he was in “dire” condition. Dulos’ family was expected to arrive at the hospital from Greece sometime Wednesday night.

During a news conference, Pattis seemed emotional as he addressed reporters, saying that he was surprised by Dulos’ actions.

“A lawyer’s commitment is to be a shepherd to his client; to walk him through the valley of the shadow of death, and sometimes you make a call where you think your client is self-destructive that is based on the best judgment that you can see,” he said.

Police found Dulos unresponsive after he failed to show up for an emergency bond hearing.

Probation officers tried to call Dulos’ cellphone but it kept going to voicemail; however, his GPS monitor showed that he was inside of the house.

When officers arrived, they found him “slumped over” in the driver’s seat.

He was rushed to UConn Medical Center and then flown to Jacobi in the Bronx for treatment.

Despite his current condition, the hearing was held without him Wednesday. The judge raised his bond by $500,000 to $6.5 million and issued Dulos to be rearrested.

If Dulos recovers and returns to Connecticut, Pattis can file a motion to vacate rearrest. If he recovers, Pattis said his legal team will waive extradition.