Grave-like hole, bags of lime found on land of Gun Club founded by one-time Dulos attorney, Kent Mawhinney

The Dulos Case

STAMFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Kent Mawhinney appeared in court Wednesday morning on charges connected to the murder of Jennifer Dulos.

Mawhinney’s defense attorney asked for his bond to be dropped to $500,000; the judge denying the request and kept it at $2 million.

Mawhinney has been an attorney himself for 30 years, and now is facing charges of conspiracy to murder in the killing of the missing New Canaan mother.

Out of the three suspects, Mawhinney was the last to be taken into custody Tuesday late afternoon.

In court Wednesday, prosecutors explained that Mawhinney was taken into custody near the Massachusetts border, and that when police first tried to take him into custody at his law office, he was already gone; they had to track him down using technology.

“This is not a situation where he cooperated knowing this warrant was there since it was all over the news before we got there.”

– Prosecutor

Mawhinney did not post bail; he will be back in court February 20th.

WEB EXTRA: Read Mawhinney’s full arrest warrant in connection to the murder of Jennifer Dulos

This is not the first time Mawhinney found himself on the wrong side of the law.

In February 2019, he was arrested for spousal rape. He and his wife are going through a contentious divorce.

He was also the lawyer for Fotis Dulos when his in-laws first sued him in a dispute over money.

About a dozen years ago, Mawhinney also founded the Windsor Rod and Gun Club on about 25 acres of land in East Granby. He left the club after a few years, but just a week before Jennifer disappeared, current members Jay Lawlor and Lee McKay were hunting there and found a 6-foot long hole covered by two barbecue grill grates. The police report reads:

Lawlor described the hole as, “One hundred percent a human grave.” Inside the hole, Lawlor found a blue tarp and two unopened bags of lime. McKay had remarked, “What’s the lime for?” Lawlor had answered, “For trying to [get] rid of a body!”

Police later found Mawhinney had asked a member about getting back on the property back in March or April. On March 29, records show Mawhinney’s phone pinged near the club.

Lawlor and McKay found the “grave” on May 18, but four days later they went back and found it half full of water, and the bags of lime gone. Jennifer disappeared on May 24 (six days after the two found the “grave”).

On May 31, Mawhinney’s phone was tracked near the club again, and in early June the grave was found filled in.

Police dug the hole up and found nothing, and later police dogs found nothing.

So was that hole dug as a future grave for Jennifer Dulos on the day she disappeared? And now is Mawhinney involved?

Arrest warrants show Mawhinney was at Fotis’ house the day Jennifer disappeared. At first, Michelle Troconis told police Fotis and Mawhinney had a meeting at the house that morning. She since admitted Fotis was not there.

Phone records show Fotis called Mawhinney the evening Jennifer disappeared while he was allegedly dumping bloody evidence in trash cans in Hartford.

When police asked Mawhinney about that call, he claimed he fell down the stairs the next day, got a concussion, lost his memory of the previous day, and broke his phone.

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