AVON, Conn. (WTNH)– Connecticut State Police have returned to an Avon home Thursday that has been previously investigated in the search for missing New Canaan mother, Jennifer Farber Dulos.

Investigators were on scene searching the home at 44 Sky View Dr. where Jennifer and her then-husband Fotis Dulos lived in 2010.

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State police have investigated the Avon home in the past and came back on scene to conduct another search, this time calling in K-9 units and a septic service to drain the tank on the property.

State Police said Friday morning that the investigation conducted at the Avon property Thursday did not provide new evidence or clues in the case.

In 2018 when the house needed major renovations, Dulos’ company, the Fore Group, was contracted by the new owner to do that work, giving Fotis Dulos access to the property from approximately January through April of 2018.

Troopers did not have a warrant but current homeowner David Ford allowed them on the property to take a look.

“I took them through my entire home,” he said. “All the floors, the attic, the basement, the septic tanks, showed them the property layout, showed them trails in the back, show them how to get out of the back, and get to the bottom off the Ridgeline.”

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Jennifer has been missing for over a year and was presumably killed. To date, her remains have not been recovered, but the investigation into her disappearance is still very active.

News 8 also got a tip that codefendant and Dulos’ former girlfriend, Michelle Triconis,who is out on bond with the GPS monitor, was over at the Farmington house at Jefferson Crossing moving her stuff out.

Neighbors said moving trucks have been seen on-site over the last few days. Triconis was charged with conspiracy to commit murder. A police warrant alleged her DNA was found on garbage bags collected in Hartford that contained bloody towels and clothing matching Jennifer’s DNA.

Dulos died of an apparent suicide attempt in January 2020 while on house arrest. He was facing murder charges in his wife’s disappearance.

His attorney, Norm Pattis, said his death was not an admission of guilt.