(WTNH) — Sunday marks one year since Jennifer Farber Dulos – the mother of five from New Canaan – went missing.

The investigation over the past year has produced three arrests and a great deal of drama inside the courtroom and out of it. It has also produced many unanswered questions as to Jennifer’s whereabouts.

On Friday, a spokesperson for Jennifer’s family released the following statement regarding her disappearance:

We miss Jennifer beyond words. The ache of her absence doesn’t go away. Countless questions remain unanswered. The brutality and inhumanity of her death and disappearance continue to haunt us, without subsiding. But the earth keeps spinning, and somehow an entire year has elapsed.

We can see it, and measure it, in the growth of her children, who are taller, stronger, wiser, and more like their mom every day. And we continue to see and sense her in their expressions, their gestures, their laughter, their hugs. It is a testament to her deeply loving influence as a parent that Jennifer’s children are healthy and well. They are safe and surrounded by love and support.

Gloria, their grandmother and guardian, is also healthy and well, for which we are so grateful during this precarious time.

In the past several months, the focus of the media has turned, as it should, to the life-threatening illness that has engulfed the globe. We know Jennifer has not been forgotten. The investigation into her death and disappearance is active and ongoing, and we remain extremely grateful to the Connecticut State Police and New Canaan Police for their commitment to Jennifer’s case.

Two people have been arrested for conspiracy to [commit] murder and have yet to stand trial. That day will come. The calls for Justice for Jennifer are powerful and moving. We urge that their scope be extended to all victims of intimate partner violence, many of whose stories are never told and who are now even more at risk.

Some community-based groups are organizing Candles for Jennifer on Sunday, May 24. Please support them—in Jennifer’s honor, and in honor of all those who have died by intimate partner violence. Likewise, for any who can afford to do so, we encourage donations to a local women’s shelter, family shelter, or food bank. These vital organizations are struggling during the pandemic, at a time when their services are more crucial than ever.

Jennifer was a very private person; she would never have wanted the details of her life to be made public. When you read about her case, we ask that you keep that in mind. She was gentle, kind, brilliant, and courageous, and we still cannot believe she is gone.

– Statement from Carrie Luft on behalf of the family and friends of Jennifer Farber Dulos

On Thursday, reports surfaced about a tip to Connecticut State Police about an Avon home just across the town border from Fotis Dulos‘ Farmington residence for a possible new lead in the case. Jennifer and Fotis moved out of that Avon home in 2010, and Fotis’ company was contracted to do some work on the home in 2018.

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The home’s current owner spoke out last week, saying he was willing to let the police search his property again if it could help bring some closure to the Dulos children, currently living with Jennifer’s mother in New York.

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Fotis died in January of an apparent suicide in his Farmington garage after police had arrested him and charged him with Jennifer’s murder.

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Fotis’ one-time girlfriend Michelle Troconis – charged with conspiracy to commit murder in the case – is still awaiting her trial and remains free on bond. She issued a statement of her own on Thursday, saying it was a mistake to trust Fotis.

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The third person charged in the murder, the former civil attorney for Fotis Dulos, Kent Mawhinney, remains behind bars. Mawhinney was also charged with conspiracy to commit murder.

The New Canaan Police Department issued a statement on Friday that ended, “We will not rest until we find Jennifer.” One year after her disappearance, and that statement still remains unresolved.