(WTNH) — The witching hour is here! Halloween has arrived, and trick-or-treating will start in only a few hours.

By tonight, dozens of spooky costumes will be roaming your neighborhoods in search of sweet treats.

But oh no! What do you do if you still need a costume? By now, most stores are sold out of any fun ensembles, or they’ll be a little too expensive.

News 8 has a list of eight last-minute, do-it-yourself Halloween costume ideas you can make with little to no effort.

Easy, last-minute DIY Halloween Costumes:

It doesn’t take much to elevate an easy costume. A little makeup here and some matching clothes there are often all you’ll need.
  • Ghosts
    • All you need is a white sheet and a pair of scissors to pull off this look. To make it a little more interesting, add some accessories. Maybe some red paint splattered on your sheets for a bloody look, or, some people have been wearing sunglasses over their ghostly faces for a trendy take on this classic.
  • Greek god/goddess
    • A Greek god or goddess can be easily made with some sheets and strings! Wrap the sheet on your body like a toga, and tada! You’re basically royalty. Use safety pins or string to tie the sheet to you, and add in some accessories (sandals, a headband, gold bracelets, etc.)
  • Jack-o-lanterns
    • This costume is so easy to make yourself, you could do it in literal minutes before you need to be out the door. All you need is an orange shirt and a sharpie. One of the biggest parts of this costume is creativity. Do you want a scary pumpkin or a silly one? Up to you! A quick search on Pinterest can give you plenty of inspirational ideas.
  • Black cat
    • An all-black outfit is a base for this look, and then it’s up to you to accessorize. If you have an old pair of cat ears from last year’s costume, perfect! If not, make sure people know you’re a cat with a little makeup magic. Draw on some whiskers or maybe a button nose and you’re good to go!
    • (Bonus: an all-black fit can be the base to plenty of costumes! Think witches, spies, characters from “The Matrix”, etc.)
Whether as part of a costume or as the main attraction, Halloween leggings make a fun and festive wardrobe choice for this thrilling holiday.
  • Zombie
    • Now this one may not sound like an easy DIY, but hear us out! All you need is some worn-out, ratty clothes and makeup. With a good eye palette and a quick YouTube video, you can paint your face to look like a monster’s. A few carefully placed “cuts” and “bruises” with a brush, along with the zombie walk, and you’ll be good to go.
  • Sports player
    • This one is so easy, we don’t even need to explain it. Got a sports jersey?
  • Biker
    • If you’ve got leather accessories, a bandana, ripped jeans, and maybe some sunglasses, then you’re ready to be a tough-looking biker (minus the motorcycle)!
  • Farmer
    • A farmer is a simple and cute look to pull off for Halloween this year! Grab a flannel, boots, and worn-out jeans (bonus points if you have overalls), and you’re good to go. If you can, try and find a straw hat or maybe a stuffed animal (a horse, cow, pig, etc.) to add to your outfit to really sell it.
Depending on your costumes, you may still need makeup to complete your look. You can either buy face paint or use makeup that you already have to create the desired result.

Good luck out there, trick-or-treaters! Be sure to send in your Halloween costumes to News 8 by emailing them to reportit@wtnh.com.