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At the Movies – ‘A Madea Family Funeral’ and ‘Greta’


This weekend we say goodbye to Madea. Yep, Tyler Perry’s most famous character – the one who put him on the map – is done after ‘A Madea Family Funeral.’ 

It starts with a family reunion but ends with Madea and crew planning said funeral. Perry is cryptic about whose, but has been quoted as saying ‘it’s time to say goodbye to madea’ and that he didn’t want to be the character’s age and still playing her. 

The funeral, he promises, will unveil plenty of family secrets. Could one of these secrets lead to a second death? Namely hers? You’ll have to see it to find out.

Meantime, bet Martin Lawrence is blowing the dust off that Big Momma suit for “BM4: Big Momma’s back!” 

Looking for legit scares? There’s “Greta,” starring Chloe Grace Moretz. Directed by Neil Jordan  (‘The Crying Game,’ ‘Interview With A Vampire’), the pace is what you’d expect: slow, quiet – one of those ‘cat jumps outta nowhere and makes everyone scream’ movies. 

Moretz plays Frances, new to Tribeca, and finding a handbag on a train belonging to a woman named Greta. She returns the bag, sits down to enjoy some tea, and that’s when she discovers a closet full of identical bags, each one left behind to lure girls much like her to Greta’s lair. 

Creepy, to be sure, with Isabelle Huppert as Greta nailing the camp. Anywhere else in New York but Tribeca and the bag woulda just been rummaged through and tossed in a trash can. There’s a lesson to be learned here. 

Madea is rated PG-13 and Greta rated R.   

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