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(WTNH)– It’s another superhero movie weekend, and another record smashed too, no two ways about it. And many of you have probably never even heard of this Marvel comic book character!

The ‘Black Panther’ prowls into theaters, starring Chadwick Boseman. You may have seen him as James Brown or Jackie Robinson, or even already as the panther. He made his bow back in ‘Captain America: Civil War.’Related: “Black Panther” fans turn out in droves across Connecticut

His stage has been set. And while the character may not ring a bell for many, Stan Lee created him in 1966, on the heels of Spider-Man, Daredevil, The Hulk, Smurfette…. wait, maybe not Smurfette.

The panther’s real name is T’Challa, and he’s royalty – a prince from a land called Wakanda. Now, Wakanda is where vibranium is mined. That’s what Captain America’s shield is made out of – hence T’Challa’s foray into the Marvel universe.

Oscar winner Lupita Nyongo, Yale’s own, joins Boseman for the ride, and her warrior is no damsel in distress. Wakanda is running low on those.

Rumor has it the flick is on track to be the biggest February opening ever, with box office predictions around 170 mil.

Kendrick Lamar’s soundtrack is already a hit, with timely lyrics, to say the least. But don’t go thinking this is PC madness or politically motivated.

This character is over 50-years-old, with a prominent place in the pantheon. This spring you’ll see him in ‘Infinity War,’ fighting alongside all your favorite Avengers: Cap, Thor, The Black Widow, Darren Kramer. That’s when yet another record will be broken!

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