At the Movies – “Hunter Killer” and “Mid-90’s”


Quick – name a Gerard Butler movie. Nothing? What if I said the guy from “300,” “Olympus Has Fallen,” Phantom in “Phantom of the Opera.” You’d be like, “ohhh, that guy.” 

In a few months we’ll be adding “he was in that submarine movie…?” That submarine movie is “Hunter Killer,” with butler getting his “Hunt For Red October” on. 

Playing a character named Joe Glass doesn’t make it easy. Sounds like a David Spade/M. Night Shamalan co-production. The movie is timely though, with Glass investigating the torpedoing of U.S. and Russian subs that the Russians might have actually done themselves. 

Plus, he’s got Oscar winner Gary Oldman by his side, always ready to chew up the scenery. Hey, they’ve both played Dracula before. There had to be tons of reminiscing during the making of this. 

On the opposite side of the cinematic spectrum is “Mid-90’s,” getting its wide release after performing well in its limited run. Jonah Hill both wrote and directed this ode to skateboards and teen spirit. With a score by Trent Reznor, “Mid-90’s” begins with our pre-teen protagonist, Stevie, getting a heck of a butt-whooping from his older brother. Their relationship is so lousy in their single mom household, Stevie starts running with a new bunch of kids, all on boards and one videotaping everything. 

Standard coming of age stuff follows, but 90’s-style, and not “Superbad” 90’s, the comedy where Hill broke out as an actor. In fact, this movie, with a 12-year-old actively seeking out a role model, can be so unflinching a McLovin cameo woulda really come in handy. 

Both films are rated R. 

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