At the Movies – “Shazam!”


“Shazam!” No, I’m not talking about a Gomer Pyle movie. I’m talking about Captain Marvel. The other Captain Marvel. The DC Comics one – not the Marvel one still making big bucks in theaters. 

It’s complicated. the story isn’t though. The wizard Shazam has spent centuries seeking out a lad who is pure of heart, who can simply say Shazam and it’ll transform him into a super-powered champion. “He who is worthy” stuff. 

Billy Batson is the little guy who pulls it off, and that’s when the action begins. Well, the laughs first. And throughout really. This Shazam is a bubblegum-chewing crack-up, a little boy in a superhero’s body. Think Tom Hanks in “Big” meets “Thor.” 

The pure of heart is visible early on, when Billy becomes protective of his new foster brother Freddie, played by Jack Dylan Grazer, nephew of producer Brian and seen most recently in Stephen King’s “It” remake. 

There’s someone who thought he was pure of heart many years earlier holding a grudge – an evil physicist with an ax to grind with Shazam, simply because it worked when he said the name. And did you know Shazam is an acronym? it stands for Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles, and Mercury. Get it? 

May as well stand for super heroes are zillions at movies. huh? Shazam is rated PG-13. 

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