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Bill Clinton Visits Letterman, Talks About Becoming First Gentleman


(WTNH)  The mind reels at the enormous range of comic possibilities; Bill Clinton, back in the White House…not as president, but as First Gentleman, the presumed title of the spouse of the first woman Commander-in-Chief.  That may well be Hillary Clinton, and sketch writers must already be tingling all over.

Bill Clinton went on David Letterman last night, paying his final visit to the host before Dave goes into that long, good night at the end of next week.  Clinton himself launched the first joke over the scenario, saying he will move back into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue “if he’s asked.”  Of course, that involves Hillary Clinton winning the 2016 race for the White House, a contest polls show she would win today.  There’s still a year-and-a-half before the first votes are cast, so lots can happen.  But if she won, and if she indeed asks Bill to move in, it should be one heck of a sitcom setup: “HE used to be president!  But look who’s wearing the pantsuit now!”

Letterman brought up how Bill could be more effective out of office than in, which Clinton turned right back on the short-timer host: “You’re about to find out!” he joked.

Big changes loom, people.  A good chance of our first woman president, a good chance of an ex-president puttering about the White House, making coffee here, doling out advice on how to handle Syria there.  But who knows?  Maybe Hillary WON’T ask Bill to move in.  He didn’t always behave well last time he resided there, after all.  Either way, there won’t be David Letterman coming on TV every night to make jokes about it all.  One aging superstar exits the stage, another gets ready to step back on it.  Interesting times, no?

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