Dwayne Johnson surprises stunt double with brand new truck


In another example of “The Rock” just being the most generous celebrity around, Dwayne Johnson surprised his stunt double with a brand new truck!

Expect lots of tears if you watch the clip.

“SURPRISE! I love handing over keys. I love you brother and enjoy your new truck! Over the course of my career, my stunt double (and cousin) Tanoai Reed @samoanstuntman has broken multiple bones, severed tendons, torn ligaments & just been an overall dominating bad a– achieving several ‘Stuntman of the Year’ honors,” Johnson captioned his Instagram video.

He continued, “I had this custom pick up truck delivered just in time to surprise him (he’s still recovering from a stunt injury) while we give what he thought was going to be an interview about our careers together.”

In the clip, you can see that Johnson is fooling Reed by pretending to give an interview about the duo working together all these years.

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Text over the beginning of the video says Reed has “no idea he’s about to receive a visit from Dwanta Claus.”

“As you’ll see the moment I put my hands on my hips, that’s the drivers cue to pull away and reveal the big surprise,” Johnson continues.

As soon as the actor says “Enjoy your new truck,” Reed’s reaction is priceless.

The two embrace in a big hug and the stuntman is able to get out an “I love you man.”

“Seventeen years of his blood and his sweat, this is a small token of my appreciation,” Johnson says.

Well played yet again Rock, well played indeed!

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