NEWTOWN, Conn. (WTNH) — Actress Haylie Duff paid a visit to Newtown on Wednesday to premiere her latest film, ‘The Wedding Pact 2 (The Baby Pact).’

The movie premiered worldwide at the Edmond Town Hall Movie Theatre.

‘The Wedding Pact 2’ follows 2014’s ‘The Wedding Pact,’ a fun, romantic comedy about a woman named Elizabeth who makes a pact with an old friend. The sequel picks up years later where things didn’t quite go as planned for Elizabeth, who is now a pregnant widow facing a lawsuit that threatens to take her baby.

Connecticut native Matt Berman, who directed and wrote both films, told News 8 he never planned on doing a sequel after the first film ended on such a happy note.

“Then I started thinking, ‘What if happily-ever-after didn’t quite work out that way?'” Berman said. “And that’s how the story really snow-balled from there.”

He noted that the second film has a “more serious tone,” but believes fans will gravitate toward all the characters and “fall in love with Haylie all over again.”

While Duff said she always tries to relate to every character she plays in some way — trying to find something in common whether their lives are similar or different from her own — she especially relates to Elizabeth.

“Putting myself in the position of where I can imagine what it would be like to fight for custody of an unborn baby is so horrific, but the way that Matt Berman told the story in a funny way keeps it light-hearted,” Duff said. “There’s a lot of love in this story too, which I think we all can relate to a lot.”

Kelly Perine (‘Knight Squad’), who appeared in both Berman movies, was on-board with the sequel, which he claims is even funnier and more heartfelt than the first film. He noted that fans of the first movie should expect to see a story that “really touches them.”

“It’s a heartfelt story,” Perine said. “I think we all need a story about people connecting with each other and people loving and supporting each other through tough times. I think if you watch this film, you will leave with having a really warm feeling [that] anything is possible. That’s why I love Matt Berman’s films.”

Alongside Duff and Perine, the sequel also features some new faces, including Quinton Aaron (‘The Blind Side’), Chase Masterson (‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’), and Heather McComb (‘Prison Break’). Gail O’Grady (‘NYPD Blue’), Connor Trinneer (Star Trek: Enterprise), Leslie Easterbrook (‘Police Academy’), and Scott Michael Campbell (Shameless) appear in the film, with Kevin Farley, Murphy Puppet, and Richard Riehle rounding out the cast.

Berman expressed his excitement in bringing the premiere to his home state.

“I love this state and I’m trying to bring productions back here,” Berman said. “I just love bringing my movies back here so people can see them. They don’t usually have the opportunity to see movies like this, so it’s an exciting night. If I can do it for the state, I think that’s great.”

‘The Wedding Pact 2’ is due June 14.