(WTNH) — A local artist hopes to turn a painting into a movement and all to recognize those healthcare heroes.

“They put their lives on the line, and it’s a war,” said artist Marc Potocsky. “They deserve a medal.”

Potocsky painted a medal, inspired by the Purple Heart for those frontline workers fighting the pandemic.

“It’s got a classic look to it, you know the Purple Heart really meant something to all the men and women that were wounded and war, and this is a war.”

He hopes his artwork will let those frontline workers know they are appreciated. Every aspect of the piece has a special meaning: purple for bravery;  white for purity; red for victory. The olive leaves symbolize strength.

“And the thought came to me about Clara Barton,” he said. “Clara Barton was the nurse in the Civil War and she was called the angel of the battlefield.”

His goal is to find a way to get these to frontline heroes in some capacity. An actual medal is too expensive to produce; a sticker or decal is more feasible. Somehow, he wants to use them to raise money for those who have been impacted the most. 

“I’m just hoping that somebody sees it and somebody says, ‘You know what, let’s do something with this’,” he said. “Let’s make it happen.”

You can see more of Potocsky’s work here: http://mjpfaux.com/