(WTNH) — Are you team Otto or team Megan?

Otto is two-time Oscar winner Tom Hanks. He’s your standard-issue, cranky old man who hates his neighbors until a few neighborhood kids and a cat warm the heart he though died with his wife. It’s based on the 2012 best-seller and the second film adaptation.

‘A Man Called Otto’ is basically ‘Grumpy Old Man,’ without the burgess Meredith.

As for ‘Megan,’ she makes Chucky look like Paddington. New Canaan’s own Allison Williams, from HBO’s ‘Girls,’ and Jordan Peele’s ‘Get Out,’ makes robots for a living. She’s got a prototype for her newest, a doll for little girls, that she gives her own. But this AI Marvel was not ready for market. The bodies line up, just like people will to see it.