(WTNH) — Ben Affleck is back in the director chair, and with a strong ’80s perm too. He also stars in ‘Air,’ along with a lot of big names. The movie is about the birth of Air Jordans got Michael Jordan’s seal of approval, contingent on one thing: Viola Davis plays his mom.

Nike was on the verge of bankruptcy — probably due to the rise of LA Gear — when Matt Damon’s Sonny Vaccaro came up with the idea of a sneaker named after a rookie. The rest is history.

Speaking of perms, Owen Wilson sports a beauty in ‘Paint,’ where he plays a character riffing on Bob Ross. His public access TV show where he paints the same thing over and over has made him a hilarious big fish in a small bond, but he learns: there’s always another fish coming along.

Speaking of star-studded, ‘The Super Mario Bros.’ movie is out too. Chris Pratt, Anya Taylor Joy, Charlie Day, and Jack Black are featured. Day and Pratt don’t sound like a Mario or a Luigi — I should know, I’m a Vinnie! But it’s a whole lot of fun and will make a whole lot of money.