(WTNH) — All is well as long as Anthony Hopkins keeps making movies!

The two-time Oscar winner shines once again in ‘Armageddon Time’. He plays the grandfather in this family drama, written and directed by James Gray, whose popular film ‘Ad Astra’ forged a similar father/son disconnect.

The grandson in this scenario is sent off to a private school after getting in some trouble, but it’s his mother’s prejudices that are most troubling of all.

Icon Anne Hathaway plays the mom and Jeremy Strong from ‘Succession’ plays the well-intentioned, maybe overruled father.

So, it’s grandpa to the rescue! But Hopkins is no Logan Roy.

The latest buddy comedy with Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson is also here! It’s ‘The Banshee of Insherin’, not exactly ‘Rush Hour’ since this film seems to be in no rush at all.

The movie tells the tale of two best friends, and one of them isn’t feeling the friendship anymore. Problem is, Farrell just won’t let go!