At the Movies: “Bad Boys for Life” and “Doolittle”


(WTNH) — Big weekend at the box office with new franchise installments lined up!

Speaking of franchises, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence finally made another Bad Boys. It’s been 17 years but like the title says: they’re “Bad boys for Life.” They wear the years on their sleeve, with Lawrence’s Marcus Burnett now a puffy police inspector who’s not up for foot chases at all. Smith’s Mike Lowry is having a midlife crisis, which explains his being jacked, and he’s leading a group of millennial cops that go by the name Ammo. But this is the story all about how, our heroes must team up again when a cartel mob boss seeks revenge on them both.

Robert Downey Jr. also has his next franchise lined up. And no sooner did Downey retire his Iron Man armor did he sign up for Doolittle, where he plays the classic character who can talk to the animals. You’ll recognize many of the voices too – Antonio Banderas, Selena Gomez, Rami Malek; Downey’s Doolittle is light on humor, heavy on heart. When the queen falls ill a reclusive Doctor Dolittle goes in search of a cure and sees all the wonder he’s been missing out on in the process. RDJ’s got that sparkle in his eye, and does a lot with ‘Do-little.’

“Doolittle” is rated PG, and “Bad Boys” is rated R.

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